The world of communications evolves every day but at least one thing has remained constant: the charge to create unique solutions to clients' challenges. There are no cookie-cutter approaches. No two campaigns should ever be the same.  The best communications programs offer the extraordinary opportunity to change the status quo and create abundance for companies, employees and our communities.  



Ensuring Financial Literacy for All Americans

For over a decade, I led the team helping Charles Schwab & Co. and the Charles Schwab Foundation to institutionalize the company’s commitment to ensuring financial literacy for all Americans. I worked side by side with Schwab on many award-winning initiatives, including Money Matters: Make It CountSM, a program designed in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  Money Matters was the first financial education program designated as a “Proven Practice.”  Over the decade, more than 500,000 BGCA teens participated in the program which was offered then at 2,900+ BGCA clubs nationwide.  I also spearheaded the annual Schwab Families & Money Survey, which was a cornerstone in media engagement and coverage and established a body of research exploring the personal side of money. 



Reaching High School Students

I work pro bono with Lifting Up Westchester, a non profit organization whose mission is to restore hope to Westchester County’s men, women, and children by providing food, shelter, and support and lifting them to greater self-sufficiency with greater dignity and respect.

I oversee Lifting Up Westchester’s annual student essay contest. Established in 2017 in memory of Beth Massey Rubens, a life long teacher, tutor and mentor who had a love of language arts, students are invited to write about topics that relate to Lifting Up Westchester's mission. In 2019, our essay theme “Why Second Chances are Important,” struck a cord with many students who understood this on a personal level.  In 2020, our question “Why is Hope Important?” drew responses about how to overcome defeat, disappointments and unforseen disasters. In 2021, more than 440 students shared sometimes painful experiences about how the Pandemic had exosed everything from our fractured health care system to the issues of social justice. Our most recent 2022 essay contest explored the theme "What Role Does Housing Play in Our Future?"  Students offered innovative solutions to the complex issues of homelessness, housing insecurity and "couch surfing", which unfortunately exists throughout Westchester county, one of the wealthiest counties in America. The annual essay contest is open to students in the 7th through 12th grades in any public, private or parochial school in New York's Westchester County. We have reached more than 1,500 students, their families and teachers across Westchester since the contest began. Cash prizes are awarded to all winners. 



Corporate Social Responsibility

Wilsonart’s research, combined with current consumer sentiment, revealed an opportunity for the company to create a unique and ownable CSR thought leadership program. Launched in 2017,  Understanding Wood:  Sourcing Against the Grain is designed to educate current and future architects and designers on how to identify endangered and threatened woods and equip them with choices of alternative materials, including laminate, that meet their aesthetic and functional needs.  

We reach the A&D community through original research, the "National Day of Learning," a CEU on Global Forestry, a dedicated hub on Wilsonart.com and a White Paper exploring the topic of endangered woods in great detail.    



Reaching Local Customers

Valley is a rapidly growing regional bank, with approximately 200 branches across New York, New Jersey, Alabama, and Florida. I work for GLA Communications on this account.  One project includes sponsoring the New York State Public High School Athletic Association's (NYSPHSAA) Section VIII high school athletics. I created a program called the Valley All-Star Athletes that recognizes student-athletes of Nassau County not only for their athletic accomplishments but also for demonstrating qualities, including a passion for personal and team excellence, and helping others.    



Launching Dyson in America

When Dyson first came to America, no one knew them. The vacuum marketplace was dominated by a commodity mentality, there were "copycat" bagless vacuums for sale but they didn't work well and media had no interest in the category.  The strategy was to leverage Sir James Dyson’s reputation and closely align the brand with the worlds of fashion, design, and technology; industries where vacuum cleaners had never been seen.  We launched at a high-profile Fashion Week event in NYC and a created a Dyson Vacuum Design Museum Media Event with Sir Terrence Conran.  From introducing the Dyson “Animal” vacuum at the Westminster Dog Show to erecting a five-story tall, bright yellow ball in the heart of New York City to launch the Dyson “Ball” vacuum, the brand quickly solidified a loyal following across America.  Sales in the US exceeded forecasts by more than 160 percent in launch year.  Within two years, Dyson went from no market share to the #1 position in its price category.  Time magazine dubbed Dyson 2002’s best invention. Dyson vacuums were the subject of a “Saturday Night Live” segment and became a pop culture phenomenon on the cartoon pages of America’s daily newspapers.



Building a Brand

For more than 10 years, I helped KRUPS grow from producing only premiere coffee makers to dominating the small appliance world.  We launched the Espresso Mini, a personal espresso machine that altered a “must go out to Starbucks” mentality to “enjoy an espresso at home.”  From toasters and blenders to waffle makers and hand mixers, we expanded KRUPS reputation well beyond coffee.



The Ecology of Art

Through a grant from Wilsonart, Interlochen Center for the Arts is giving their high school art students an immersive, hands-on experience about the role forests play in biodiversity and sustainability.  The unique curriculum, instructional videos, visiting artists and the restoration of Riley Woods on Interlochen's campus are some of the program components.  This program was cited as one of Fast Company's "World Changing Ideas" in 2019 and will be featured at SXSW in 2020.    



Mom Blog Tour

I launched Mom Blog Tour in 2015 as a joint venture with Wendy's Bloggers.  Since then, we have helped dozens of food, beverage, and housewares manufacturers extend the reach of their tradeshow investment by allowing our Mom Bloggers to serve as their brand ambassadors. We bring highly influential Bloggers to national food trade shows where they interact with brands, review new and existing products, and create original, authentic and shareable content, photos, and videos. They expand a brand's reach with millions of impressions, extend the impact of a company's participation in the trade show, reinforce brand messages.  Following each Tour, we provide qualified leads for participating brands.